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Switch Plate Covers

 Switch Plate Covers

Decorative Switch Plate CoversWe create beautiful handmade and hand painted Decorative Switch Plate Covers, outlet and plug cover, absorbant coasters, message boards, message boards, wall & desk clocks, decorative tiles/trivets, spoon rests, ornaments and wall art.

All Decorative Switch Plate Covers are unique. The designs are original and copyrighted by Nine Hills Studio.

Some of our products are only carried at shows, and are not featured on our website. Nine Hills Studio is located in Tucson, Arizona among the majestic Rincon, Catalina, Santa Rita and Tucson mountains. With over 40 years experience in creating functional art products. We assure you the highest quality and are confident you will be pleased with the enduring beauty of our handiwork.

Our Decorative Switch Plate Covers are hand cut from clay from New Mexico, and hand painted here at the 9 Hills Studio in Tucson, Arizona.

Because our Switch Plate Covers are truly CUSTOM, no two are alike. If you need a special custom color or order – please call us.

Use the Switch Plate Cover chart below to choose which switch plate covers you want to order.


$16.95 $19.95 $19.95


$29.95 $32.95
$28.95 $36.95 $30.95
$40.95 $45.95 $30.95
$50.95 $58.95 $35.95
$35.95 $30.95 $30.95
$30.95 $30.95 $35.95
$35.95 $45.95 $45.95
$54.95 $54.95 $19.95
$22.95 $22.95 $22.955/8 diameter hole, fits standard round doorbell