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House Number Plaques

Welcome your guests to your home with a custom house number plaque that shows your personality., and can be easily read from the curb.  Our custom house number plaques are made from Italian red tiles and hand cut red terra cotta tiles with designs stamped into the tile.  Extremely durable for all weather conditions, full sun, snow, and rain.  You choose your house number decorative tile design, the colors you wish to have your number tiles and the color of the metal plaque, vertical or horizontal.   This piece is made custom, especially for you.

Your house number plaque comes already assembled:  tiles will be glued with heavy duty glue for outdoor use, to your address plaque which is sealed with 2 clear coats of polyurethane.  Your piece is weather proof, fade-proof, rust proof and ready to hang.

Decorative tile:
We offer a wide variety of design in the collections of Southwest, Western, High country/Lodge, Floral, Animals, Happy Hour etc.. Picture shown are just some of the designs available. For more designs, look at our coaster page, any design can used. Shaped images like dog paw, Arizona State or Sunburst can also be used.

House Number Metal Plaque:
This plaque is made from steel which is copper plated then clear coated with 2 coast of a UV polyurethane. 1 Screw hole on each end is your attachment point. The plaques come in two different finishes - copper with mahogany color streaks or our solid mahogany finish, then clear coated. This plaque will not rust or tarnish.

We do not include hardware for installation. We suggest stucco molly (for stucco or brick) which can be found at any home improvement store.
Plaques made by CopperAnza Furnishings (my husbands business) Tucson, AZ

House Number Tile:
Each design is hand screened or hand traced onto the tile, then hand painted and fired in a kiln over 1800 degrees. The majority of tiles used are Italian red tiles but some like the stamped designs we hand cut from red clay.

Ceramic glazes are used to paint the design and numbers onto the tiles.

Tile colors will not fade and weather proof.

We try to be consistent with our ceramic glazes but these are handmade. Slight variations will occur from colors shown.

Stamped Designs:
It is normal to have small cracks in clay from impressing the design into the clay. These are normal, doesn't alter the function of the tile.

House Numbers Color Choices:
Numbers black on white background
Numbers black on creme color background
Numbers white on red clay background
Numbers navy blue on red clay background
Numbers black on red clay background
**custom number colors and background colors are available.

House Number Plaque Direction:
Vertical or Horizontal

House Number Metal Plaque Sizes:
2 numbers with lead tile design - 5.0" wide x 14" long $85.00
3 numbers with lead tile design - 5.0” wide x 18” long $95.00
4 numbers with lead tile design - 5.0” wide x 22” long $115.00
5 numbers with lead tile design - 5.0" wide x 26.5 long $125.00
6 numbers with lead tile design - 5.0" wide x 30.5 $135.00
*single number with lead tile design available.

**Adding a ending decorative tile design available
***alphabet tiles available

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House Number Plaques

Lead Tiles