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Artist Links

Ar-tis-tic (ar tis’ tik)adj. conforming to the standards of art, of or pertaining to art appreciation, a person skilled in an applied art.

Over the course of a year, Paul and I exhibit our unique functional art in 20 + shows all over Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. For the past 8 years, this has been a journey, along the way when you do shows, you get to know your neighbors, fellow artisans. We have met some extroardinary artists and fine craftsman, we have become friends with many of them and look forward to doing shows to reconnect with our friends. The following web sites are the representation of our fellow artists that take great pride in their artistic work, all handmade from USA. Enjoy these wonderful sites

~ Paul and Celia Sislow

Two Feathers Coin Art – Jim & Carol Lucas

Art Seeds – Vesta Abel

Desert Suns Paintings – Garnet Myers

Paul Atherton, Desert Art Works

Check back often as we are always adding to this list!