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About Us

Nine Hills Studio offers functional art at its best with over 250 designs from Southwest to Whimsy.  Switchplate covers, wall clocks, desk clocks, dry erase boards, spoon rests, message boards, tiles, coasters & ornaments. These unique, colorful pieces are hand cut from red clay and hand painted.

This functional art is proudly made in Tucson, AZ, artist Celia Sislow.  Celia hand cuts the clay into a wide variety of products: switch plate covers; dry erase message boards;  wall & desk clocks; spoon rests; decorative tiles; coasters and ornaments.  All designs are hand painted offering over 250 different and unique designs.  Components that are not made by Celia is the clay, which is a terra cotta clay made in New Mexico, and clocks mechanisms, pens, leather strapping.

Celia Sislow is self taught artist in various mediums of art.  She found her passion in clay. Painting is relaxing, her work shows her attention to details, application of colors and variety of designs, her work comes from the heart and her whimsy character. I enjoy taking a design and making it into the various products that we offer. When we participate in art shows, I enjoy sharing my passion with the customers, listen and appreciate their opinions of colors, addition of various designs, various products, and thoroughly enjoy their delight when they see a design that makes them laugh. Celia has been recognized with her work in several local newspaper articles, won various awards at art shows for her presentation of her work and her unique product, selected as Featured Artist at an Art Show. I am truly blessed by the talent by which God has granted to me to bring such joy to many, which in turn humbles me everyday.

I love what I do, bringing joy to people thru Functional Art!